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Media For Your Business

What is "media for your business"? We decided to make our hook phrase a bit non-descript because it allows organizations that might need our services to consider all possibilities. So as an example for one business, we recorded marketing videos that showed how products the company manufactures function. In another case we created "intro" and "outro" music for an organizations that posts content to social media.

In a nutshell, we have high quality video and audio equipment, strong video and audio editing applications and the people with expertise to use them. Additionally we work with some wonderful musicians that are local to the Myrtle Beach area (which is where we are located) when we need new, fresh musical content. We are willing and able to travel to your location if a project warrants doing so, but can also accomplish a lot working remotely. If your organization has a need for media, there is a very good chance that Phoenix Beach is a good fit. Take a look or a listen to some of the examples on the "Media Examples" page to see what you think - and thank you for your consideration of our services.


The setup for an organization recording training videos with a live background

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