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Training for Business Professionals

Who Should Attend?
Accounting and other business professionals that work extensively with Excel who want to become knowledgeable about the many powerful features it possesses

Area of Study:
Specialized Knowledge


8 hours

An understanding of Excel conventions

Advance Preparation:

Group Live

Date Available:
May 1

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Accountants and other business professionals that work in Excel extensively become very strong with many aspects of the ubiquitous spreadsheet application. They, however, often do not have knowledge of the numerous advanced features available in Excel. In this session we highlight many of the powerful tools found in Excel and provide details as to how they are beneficial and how they are used. Topics include, data connectivity, advanced functions available for formula creation, Excel Tables and PivotTables, and charting tools. Many proficient Excel users only utilize a limited percentage of available tools when they work with spreadsheets, which is like tying ones hands behind their back. This session will help make participants “two-fisted” Excel users!

 Learning Objectives:

Once participants have completed this session they should be able to:

     -Work with the charting tools in Excel and understand conditional formatting;

     -Explain the benefits of using the Data Toolpak and such tools as descriptive statistics and random number generator

     -Create complex powerful formulas using advance functions available from the Excel Function Library

     -List four benefits of using Excel tables and understand ways that tables are helpful; and

     -Work with PivotTables to summarize and present information and understand some of the many PivotTable features.

Course Highlights:
This session is taught using a Hands-On methodology. We provide practice files that tie to the examples in the course materials so participants can undertake all the steps in unison with the instructor for a greatly improved learning experience. The Excel topics discussed in this session include:

     - Using Excel for Graphical Output and Dashboard Reporting

     - Data Tools and the Data Analysis ToolPak


     - Advanced Functions and Complex Formulas


     -Tables and Defined Names

     -Getting Comfortable with PivotTables

All practice and demonstration files are available for download for a period of 30 days after the session is taught.

  Advance Excel Topics for Power Users