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Training for Business Professionals

This comprehensive case-driven training is designed to get the accountant up to speed quickly in the area of basis calculations and distribution planning for the owners of pass-thru entities (i.e., S corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs)). The cornerstone of this course is the line-by-line analysis of the Schedule K-1s and how it affects the basis calculations. 

Learning Objectives:
Once participants have completed this session, they should be able to:
• List the 3 main reasons for calculating a shareholder’s basis in a S corporation and partner/member’s basis in a partnership/LLC 
• Calculate the stock and debt basis for S corporation shareholders
• Calculate the basis for partners and members of a LLC  
• Calculate losses allowed from at-risk activities
• Review the Form 1120S and Form 1065 Schedule K-1s to determine how the line items affect basis calculations and get reported on the individual owner’s Form 1040

Course Highlights:
This session is taught using a Hands-On methodology. Real world examples and cases are used to demonstrate the complex income tax code and regulations to enhance the participants learning experience.  Topics include but are not limited to:
• Detailed coverage of any new legislation affecting basis computations and distributions and changes to the schedule K-1s
• Line-by-line analysis of the Schedule K-1s to determine how the items affect a S shareholder’s stock and debt basis and a partner/member’s outside basis and where the items get reported on Federal individual income tax return
• The three loss and deduction limitations on the owner’s individual income tax return (i.e. basis, at-risk and other Form 1040 limitations)
• How cash or non-cash distributions affect the basis calculations and whether or not they are taxable to the owners
• Compare the tax treatment of the sale of a shareholder’s stock in a S corporation and a partner’s interest in a partnership
• What constitutes debt basis for a S corporation shareholder under the final regulations
• The tax ramifications of repaying loans to S corporation shareholders and on open account debt
• How recourse and non-recourse debt effect a partner or member’s basis calculations and amount at-risk

Who Should Attend?
Tax professionals that need an in-depth training course on basis calculations and distributions rules for S-Corporations, partnerships, LLCs and their owners​.

Area of Study:


8 hours

Basic understanding of individual income taxation

Advance Preparation:

Group Internet Based

  Basis Calculations & Distributions for Pass-Thru Entity Owners Schedule K-1 Analysis