Combating Internal Fraud

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Fraud in the workplace is not new, however, statistics show that the number of instances of internally actuated fraud schemes is increasing. Fraud events can be extremely detrimental to organizations of all types and are often long lasting. This session starts by reviewing the many reasons that fraud occurs; it then looks at ways to detect internal fraud and finally explores control measures that can help to reduce fraud risk. Those that take the class will learn just how invasive and damaging internal fraud can be. They will also know ways to detect and thwart fraudulent activity. 

 Learning Objectives:

Once participants have completed this session they should be able to:

     - List reasons that employees and others that are internal to an organization choose to undertake fraudulent acts
     - Discuss the types of control measures that work best as entities strive to mitigate fraud risk
     - Understand specific internal control measures that can help to reduce fraud activities 
Course Highlights:
This session is taught via the use of case studies adapted from real world examples. These studies are designed to show participants some of the negative effects of the rampant fraud taking place in the business world today. The topics discussed in this session include:

      - Understanding why internal fraud occurs
      - Policies, procedures and control measures designed to fight fraud

Who Should Attend?
​Accounting and other business professionals that would benefit by understanding how pervasive internal fraud can be and the wish to work to mitigate the risk associated with it.
Area of Study:


2 hours


Advance Preparation:

Group Internet Based

Date Available:
June 1

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