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Training for Business Professionals

Who Should Attend?
Accounting and other business professionals that need to add security to the electronic content with which they work.​

Area of Study:


4 hours


Advance Preparation:

Group Internet Based

Date Available:
June 1

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The amount of electronic content that business organizations contend with is growing at incredible rates. Terms like “Big Data” and “Information Overload”, are being used by overwhelmed information workers on a daily basis. All of this data must be secured; not only to make sure it is not damaged and remains available to those that need it, but also against theft or misuse. This session discusses the places that businesses keep digital information and addresses the importance of securing corporate electronic data. The material effectively shows ways to achieve high security standards for content stored in fixed locations, on mobile devices and in the cloud. Participants in this session will gain an understanding of the concepts needed to improve the way they, and their companies secure digital information.

 Learning Objectives:
Once participants have completed this session they should be able to:

     - List some of the security risks that affect electronic information
     - Develop vetting and selection processes for cloud storage providers
     - Understand the steps to effectively set up and control cloud storage
     - List ways to add security to individual electronic documents as well as to storage areas that must be controlled
     - Explain what is meant by mobile device management and how it can help protect organization data

Course Highlights:
This session will be taught using examples and case studies that help show methodologies and tools that are beneficial to those working to secure electronic content. It features information on the following topics:

     - Securing individual documents
     - Protecting information resident in the Cloud
     - Securing data stored on or accessed by mobile devices

 The Importance of Security for Digital Information