Who Should Attend?
Accounting and other business professionals that would like to increase their knowledge of Microsoft Word and the features it possesses.  

Area of Study:
Specialized Knowledge


2 hours

An understanding of Word conventions

Advance Preparation:

Group Internet Based

Date Available:
June 1

Course code:


Did you know that simply by utilizing the built-in headings, found under Styles, in Microsoft Word you can create an automatic table of contents that can be updated in a matter of seconds if the body of the document changes? Or that Word 2013 can be used to open, edit and re-save PDF documents? How about the fact that by using the Insert Caption tool in conjunction with the Cross-Reference feature, users can rid themselves of the need to manually renumber figures, tables or illustrations and will not even need to update references to these in the document text? This material shows tools and features that are easy to understand and use, will save time, and add consistently to documents. Participants in this session will come away knowing the power of Microsoft Word; this knowledge will benefit them greatly!

 Learning Objectives:
Once participants have completed this session they should be able to:

     - Recognize ways to improve Word documents presentations
     - List three benefits of using Word Styles in documents
     - Create more consistent and easy to read Word files
     - Identify features hidden within the application that people should know about

Course Highlights:
This session is taught using a Hands-On methodology. We provide practice files that tie to the examples in the course materials so participants can undertake all the steps in unison with the instructor for a greatly improved learning experience. The topics discussed in this session include:

     - Best Practices for those creating Word documents of all types
     - Using Word Styles to enhance and organize documents
     - Word features like PDF editing, automatic tables of contents, and cross-referencing that save time and add value
     - Save options and security available for Microsoft Word files

  If You Only Knew What Microsoft Word Could Do

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